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Featured Games

Our first browser-based game. Planet Battleground is a simple, fun MMORTS where you can make new friends and new enemies.
Tremor Tournament - Postponed
The fast-paced, action-packed online multiplayer game take the Tremor-series to the next level! With features like a map editor, dedicated server, and customizable skins, this our most anticipated game yet!

Downloadable Games

A fun and simple game where you can fight your friends in cars...with missiles!
A simple, classic arcade-style space game.
A revised version of the Battle Tank game with custom maps.
A revised version of the Battle Tank game with simpler controls.
A simple tank vs tank game. The first game made by Outburst Entertainment.

Cancelled Games

(screenshots coming soon)

Armored Warriors

Project Noname

F-18 Fighter


Other Productions

Music Videos

The second and final version of the Outburst Entertainment Command and Conquer music video showcases various cutscenes from the award-winning Command and Conquer game franchise. It was a project I made in commemoration of Westwood Studios.

Social Networking

Adooken is a social networking site that I made in my senior year of high school. It features photo sharing, bookmark sharing, and blogging.